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AidTrain Netwotking, an Internationational Non-Governmental Organsitation based in Ghana. Aidtrain begun its operation in 1994 and officialy certified under the registration of the Department of Social Welfare in Ghana, to render Selfless Social Services to HUMANITY and MANKIND.

One of our biggest challenge in this time has been collaborating and networking around global problem of health, food, education and shelter. Realising these need that have to be tackled as services to mankind. It is necessary for man to grow up in a family environment, in an atmosphere of happiness, love and understanding in particular affording the necessary protection and assistance so that an individual willfully assume his or her responsibility within the community.

The aim of AIDTRAIN NETWORK is therefore to focus on free and independent survival of man as a healthy, well nourished and educated human with adequate shelter in his natural habitat.